NanoClean Energy Toothbrush

Antibacterial Activities resist against germs up to 99.9%!

The Cleanest Toothbrush in the world!

Studies show that nano silver can sterilize over around 600 different types of bacteria.

The nano silver particles create a coating as a protection against germs and bacteria for a maximum of 99.9%.


NanoClean Energy Toothbrush
resist against up to 99.9% bacteria!

We all understand the importance of keeping clear. However, most of us use dirty tooth brushes to brush our teeth, especially at times when our gum is infected.
Studies have shown that nearly a million of bacteria grown on a toothbrush in 3 weeks time. The amount of bacteria on the toothbrush is equal to 80 times of toilet water. Imagine putting that in your mouth!
In order to solve such problems, we developed the NanoClean Energy Toothbrush to resist against up to 99.9% bacteria or fungal on every corner of bristles, brush-head, handle, anti-slip rubber.


The benefits of NanoClean Energy Toothbrush are:

  • Have a real clean toothbrush on a daily basis.
  • Do not have to worry about bringing more bacteria when brushing teeth.
  • Cut down the opportunities of oral sickness and save money and time of seeing dentist.
  • Reduce a range of serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, arthritis and chronic infections, which could be linked to unhygienic toothbrushes.
  • You don’t have to renew your NanoClean Energy Toothbrush until it is broken.

The most important function for a toothbrush,
of course, is keep your teeth clean!

Bacterias like to hide in some of the most hidden places. The deep-ends between teeth and below the gumline are difficult places to be cleaned and get sensitive especially when the periodontal tissue get infected.
Therefore, we put great amount of efforts in research and development of our NanoClean Energy Toothbrush, so that you can have the experience of:


How it keep your teeth cleaner?

  • Ultra-thin nanotech bristles so it can reach to the deep-ends between teeth and below the gum line.
  • Nanotech bristles is resilient enough to do the best clean job.
  • Bristles do the best clean job but not bring infections onto the sick periodontal tissue.
  • Bristles can help to massage the gums, clean the tongue with no irritation.
  • Nanotech bristles last for a longer time than normal bristles, it helps you to save money on frequent replacement.

Emitting more than 500 anions per c.c.

Negative Ions are negatively charged air molecules that have been scientifically proven to benefit the body.

Negative ions are odorless tasteless molecules that are breathed into our respiratory system. High concentrations of negative ions can be found in nature
in mountain forests, waterfalls, and beaches where people feel energized and invigorated, which helps relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost energy.

A very unique feature of this NanoClean Energy Toothbrush is its ability to emit more than 500 negative ions per c.c. of air.

In other words,

  • It improves blood circulation and stimulates gum tissue while brushing teeth just like those energy bracelets,energy necklaces, energy belts … and so on did to your body.
  • It will also be working with your body through the finger-ends as you hold it.

Effective dose of far-infrared components added in …

Far-Infrared radiation is known to promote cell-growth and cell-regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that by increasing the infrared radiation level in your body, you will have more energy to grow and re-grow cells in your body. The benefit of far-infrared radiation is that its wavelengths are very long, so they don’t have enough energy to kill cells (like X-rays), but just enough to provide them with life-giving energy.

Far-infrared radiation has been proven to aid blood-circulation, particularly what is called microcirculation among the capillaries in your skin. A recent study has shown that Far-infrared radiation is more ably suited than mere conductive heat in promoting increased and more effective blood circulation.

With effective dose of far-infrared components, this NanoClean Energy Toothbrush let you…

  • Improve microcirculation among the capillaries in your gums.
  • Be working with your body through the finger-ends as you hold it.

How can bacteria be seen?

We have the international laboratory “ SGS ” export do the experiments for how the NanoClean Energy Toothbrush does to the invisible bacteria and prove that:


How to qualify the statements?

Test, test, test! Always test it!


NanoClean Energy Toothbrush benefits you in … …

  • Antibacterial activities resist against germs up to 99.9% thoroughly in its lifetime.
  • Slim bristles reach bacterial deep between teeth and below the gumlines.
  • Smart to clean teeth. Do the intimate care to the sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Effective dose of Negative Ion and Far-Infrared components added in.
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • SGS proof


tb-tm-wuI live in a place with high humidity, then my belongings are easily prone to mold. Since I’ve been using NanoClean Energy Toothbrush, my toothbrush are free from mold after the use for 3 months!
Miss Wu, Min Shen Co.
tb-tm-cheungMy job is moving goods, so I feel pain on my shoulder frequently. I was unable to sleep well when the pain was severe until I put an negative-ion mat with very high energy emitting under my shoulder. The best is that my pain almost disappeared when I woke up the next day! So I know what the benefits of ion energy are.”
Miss Cheung, House Keeper
tb-tm-yutinMy grandpa gave me a very expensive anion bracelet as my birthday gift and I felt I have more energy when wearing it. While I am using the NanoClean Energy Toothbrush, I got the same feeling of being energize as of wearing the anion bracelet. How marvelous it is!”
Yutin, University Student
tb-tm-janyaI enjoy the use of Nano Clean Energy Toothbrush, it feels great when brushing my teeth!”
Janya, Dance Teacher
tb-tm-wongThe bristles of this NanoClean Energy Toothbrush can reach to the deep-ends between teeth and under the gumlines, and do the best clean than other toothbrushes I have used. It feels great!”
Ms. Wong, Min Jang Co.
tb-tm-emilyAfter using Nano Clean Energy Toothbrush, I would say I won’t go back of using the old dirty toothbrush ever again!”
Emily, House Keeper