Nano Assembly Vinyl Plank

It takes merely few steps to finish a Nanotech Floor, which is excellent in anti-scratch, anti-mold, anti-bacterial, waterproof, longer life expectancy and easier to clean than any other Vinyl planks.

Tongue-and-Groove Interlocking

The tongue-and-groove figure allows the planks to easily interlock tightly,
restricting backward and forward movement. Further more,
the back of each dent is adhesive, added to secure each other in place firmly.



No Need For Glue, No Hurt On The Original Subfloors

Only 2 steps of installation:
  • Place one plank down, then the second next, side by side closely. Follow the step to the end.
  • Filling the space. By measuring, drawing, cutting and placing, it’s finished.

A 100% Waterproof Flooring Looks And Feels Like The Real Wood Flooring

  • Nano technology provides excellent durability, anti-scratch, antimicrobial, and super easy to clean.100% waterproof construction prevents warping, mold and mildew
  • Easy installing and dismantling.
  • No damage done to subfloors. Leaves no traces.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No pre-preparation required, such as screening moisture, protecting and adhesive spreading. To finish a wonderful job that will guarantee your satisfaction.